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Rat-a-tat-touille – Panini Goodness

July 29, 2009

Last night I made 11 cups of exceptionally delicious ratatouille. The gigantic hands full of red pepper flakes that I included, upgraded it to a rat-a-tat-touille… Sort of an arrabiatesque roasted vegetable combo thing. On the spicy scale, this came in right at about lip tingling/no eye-watering heat.
When I started with this yesterday, I thought I could get 3 meals out of it, but the recipe (as it were) yielded 11 cups, and after serving it over pasta last night I had 8 cups left and tons of ideas.
Before going to bed – I took 2 5 inch long baguettes, sliced in half, dumped a cup of the Rat-a-tat on there, topped it with a slice of provolone cheese, and wrapped each one tightly in aluminum foil and refrigerated them over night. I took one, Scott took one.
Scott never eats lunch. Never ever.
This is a testament to the goodness.
This is something that, were you around an oven, you could certainly heat at about 350 for a while, wrapped in the tin foil, but you needn’t. It’s a fresh, lip tingly bunch of yum.
In the event that you are vegan, you could certainly leave off the cheese.

I would post a photo, but am precluded, due to the deliciousness.  (i.e. I ate this before I could get a picture of it….  These things happen).

Serves 2 – Calories – 423 – protein 25(!) grams

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